Chic vs.Cool

Here’s a question that pops often in my head: how can I be cool? I would love to be a mix between somebody very rock’n’roll/rebel/grunge but at the same time feminine, a bit like Alexandra from 4thandbleeker .

Is it possible to dress up in the morning and be ready for every occasion, from work to a night out? Can we be cool if we can’t affort luxury clothing? How to make our style unique and personal?

A few weeks ago Leandra published a very interesting article in which she explained what does it mean to be cool and chic at the same time. To her, somebody that embodies these two adjectives is Franca Sozzani. I don’t agree. I think Franca is chic but certainly not cool.



What’s cool, then? My Pinterest board “Cool girls” is a confused mix, but here are some themes:

I love peter pan collars, A line dresses, white tights, beatles boots, fringes… I would have been a perfect yè-yè girl!


Total black
it always works, maybe with one contrasting accessory


Comfortable looks

I put comfort at the first place, when I go shopping. Large pants, flat shoes, long shirts… I would wear only this kind of stuff


Bows, pink, ruffles

Maybe not all together but I feel happy with a nice bow in my hair, a few ruffles on my pants and a pink sweater



I’ve always liked latex. A few years ago I bought this kind of pants in a sex shop (I didn’t know Atzuko Kudo yet)!



Every woman should own at least one leopard piece in her closet.


Occhiali pazzi

They help build an outfit!

and then some cool people. I think there is nothing special about their look, they just have tons of personality!


What’s your idea of cool? Do you have any style icon or simply somebody who inspires you?


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