Genius Kickstarter campaigns


The SMART COAT for Men and Women: the Coat that Heats

I would LOVE a coat like that! Unfortunately it is only available in limited models but I think it’s a great idea. Not only it warms you but has a built-in battery inside to charge electronic devices


Davek Alert Umbrella: Never lose your umbrella again

An umbrella attached to my smartphone that sends me notifications if I forget it somewhere? I NEED THIS


Pilot earpiece

Wearable-technology company Waverly Labs presents its new Pilot smart earpiece, that will be translating in real time, while you are actually holding the conversation. The earpiece works with advanced speech-recognition technology. In order for it to actually work, the two people having the conversation both have to wear the Pilot earpiece, which is sold as a set.


The Jean Hanger: The new way to care for your jeans

simple but brilliant idea to hang jeans without bend them, pinch them or roll them


Grasp – Bicycle Lock with Fingerprint Recognition

I’m tired of spending minutes trying to open the lock key, a touch with his fingers and voila, open!


Phree – Make the world your paper

Think you can write anywhere: on the car dashboard, on a table, on your leg and get a picture of what you have written or drawn directly on your phone


Livia – The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain

It is not on Kickstarter but I want to tell you about a product that will revolutionize our lives if it works: Livia, a device that promises to fight menstrual pains. I do not understand how it works but I do not care, I hope it does work!



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