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I found the best Instagram profile ever, is called JESSRONAGROOMING and it belongs to a beauty salon for dogs that publishes daily videso in slow motion of adorable puppies after they are groomed

This video is a must see if you use Tinder and you are women, but also if you simply need to understand the personality of someone just looking at the photos you find online. EXHILARATING.

Caroline de Maigret has launched a YouTube channel where she makes fun of herself and the average French girl on very cute videos.

After “States of Undress” Vice produces a new series, hosted by Gloria Steinem (famous activist for the rights of women), where she investigates the lives of the oppressed or unfortunate women around the world.

Apparently in some American cities there are a zones where people can exchange things bought and sold on the internet. Very clever


An article about misophonia , the disease that gives you the “hatred of sound.”

Why you can’t lose weight on a diet: very interesting article that explains why that friend of yours who is always on a diet never loses weight

Jlo has released a new video that contains all her great classics: rain, hands on her face, many costume changes, 90’s choreographies , latin music.

Look familiar? There are some the similarities between an excerpt from “Lemonade” video by Beyoncé and this video by the Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist.

How to understand a Picasso

1. What’s your first reaction?

2. Understand the content of what it is that you’re looking at. What are those shapes supposed to be?
3. Figure out the art form Picasso is using.
4. Look at the historical context. When was the painting completed and what was happening then?
5. Personal context. What was going on in the artist’s own life when he was making the painting?



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