Movies: How to make him or her Fall for You

You know the  Pick Up Artist’s method, The Game? It’s a technique to approach girls that became famous thanks to two american guys. Apparently the story of the movie Hitch is inspired by one of them, Mistery. However, there are many films that tell us how to win the heart of a loved one, so here’s a small list:

Men who teach men

The most famous movie in this category, where Will Smith will teach the poor fat guy how to get the woman he loves

Ryan Gosling tries to help Steve Carrell regain his wife and gain confidence in himself

Jesse Eisengerb asks for help from his uncle to finally have sex with a girl

Men who teaches women

Hugh Jackman is the master behind Ashley Judd’s new succesful approach to men

Gerard Butler is a heartless bastard who will show Katherine Heigl, a super romantic girl, how to find the perfect guy without being herself

Already a classic, this movie should be watched by every girl. The title says it all.


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