Short movies by Wes Anderson

Bottle Rocket is the first short film directed by Wes Anderson, starring Owen and Luke Wilson. It was shot in 1992 and released in 1994. in 1996, the feature-length film with the same name came out.

Hotel Chevalier is a 2007 American-French short film written and directed by Wes. Starring Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman as former lovers who reunite in a Paris hotel room, the 13-minute film acts as a prologue to Anderson’s 2007 feature The Darjeeling Limited. It was shot on location in a Parisian hotel by a small crew and self-financed by Anderson, who initially intended it to be a stand-alone work.

Castello Cavalcanti is a short film written and directed by Wes Anderson and released in 2013. Starring Jason Schwartzman as an unsuccessful race car driver who crashes his car in an Italian village, the 8-minute film was filmed at Cinecittà in Rome, Italy, and financed by Prada.

The latest short movie directed by Wes Anderson is  Come Together, starring Adrien Brody. It is a tv ad for the Holiday collection of the brand H&M.


If you want to see other commercials by Wes, here is a list!


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