A garment that I really like but I never know where to find is a good long dress. I think it’s perfect for summer, when we have not-so-tanned-yet legs, absent muscular tone, we didn’t have time for a wax… but I think it’s not so easy to find in stores, and apart from those in plain cotton or viscose (which I think are very cheap) we don’t have so much choice. Here are some of my favorites from the Resort 2016 collections

alexander wang

Alexander Wang

A bit large, I know, but the splits and the strings give movement to it and long sleeves are good for summer evenings. Plus, who doesn’t like black silk?


Jill Stuart

I always like a good 90’s inspired/camisole dress, of course just for women with a flat chest. This one has a midi lenght and the double shoulder straps give it an edge. There is also a bit of a deep v-neck situation, we have nothing to hide anyway…

johathan saunders

Jonathan Saunders

A long dress with structure, white with some applications to avoid the bride effect…

jonathan saunders

Jonathan Saunders

Again, the camisole dress, a bit of pink to cheer us up and sequins, just in case you want to wear it in the evening



My heart beats for everything that is voile / gingham/ Rochas. The perfect day dress, wide enough to not sweat and with some transparency to avoid resembling to a tablecloth. Of course, if you wanted to be sexy it is not the right dress

rosie assoulin

Rosie Assoulin

My love for this brand is growing with each collection. Rosie’s clothes are absolutely unique and she has a specific style each season. How much I would love to wear this to a summer wedding

rosie assouline

Rosie Assouline

Same with this one, this is a dress for someone who wants to make an entrance! Buttons on the front, pink satin, wide but not too much, the straps on the shoulders … it has everything I like

wes gordon

Wes Gordon

When you are tired of wearing the same white jeans and t shirt again and again … voila, a beautiful white dress, with a deep slit but that  you can still wear to the office with grandma shoes (as in the lookbook) or in the evening with a pair of high-heeled sandals for a va-va-voom effect.

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