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Nicola Formichetti was born in Japan in 1977 to an Italian father and a Japanese mother and grew up between these two countries. Currently living between New York,London and Tokyo. He works as an editor on several fashion magazines, all of which he is closely involved with throughout the entire process; as well as being a consultant for a number of leading fashion brands, working on their image, business strategy, marketing processes or simply styling the campaigns.
Creative director of DAZED & CONFUSED
Fashion director of VOGUE HOMMES JAPAN
Senior fashion editor of ANOTHER MANContributing fashion editor of V, V MAN, ANOTHER ,

Nonchè responsabile dello stile di Lady Gaga

UN GENIO DELLA MODA, GENTE. Guardate i suoi editoriali e capirete. Da rimanerci secchi.
Mi sento ignorante

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