oggi su Terry’s Diary ho trovato questa foto di Andre J. Presente chi è?

Wikipedia dice: “Andre J. (born 1979) is an American party promoter who is a presence in the New York City fashion scene. He is known for his distinctive, gender-bending personal style and has been featured in photo spreads in French Vogue and V magazine.
He lives in New York City “for the liberation, the freedom, the action” and he worked variously as a perfume salesperson at Lord & Taylor, as a publicist for Patricia Field’s boutique, and as a party host for the clubs Lotus and Hiro. While on the street one day in summer 2007, he was spotted by stylist Joe McKenna, who was then on the phone with fashion photographer Bruce Weber. With McKenna’s encouragement, Weber decided to shoot Andre J. for French Vogue, and Carine Roitfeld, the magazine’s editor, deemed Andre J.’s photos the freshest of all Weber’s images.Roitfeld put a photo of the bearded Andre J., dressed in a women’s blue neoprene Burberry trench coat, ankle boots, and a cocktail ring, on the cover of her magazine. “There is not a special message in the cover, I just loved it,” she said later.
Though Andre J. often wears women’s clothing, he does not consider himself a crossdresser. Rather, he sees himself as unconfined by gender and social conventions. “Most people are conditioned to think of a black man looking a certain way,” he told the New York Times. “They only think of the ethnic man in XXX jeans and Timberlands, and here Andre J. comes along with a pair of hot shorts and a caftan or maybe flip-flops or cowboy boots or a high, high heel.”
Called a “cheerful muse” by New York Magazine, Andre J. says his positive outlook on life has influenced his style: “I want people to look at me and feel inspired, to feel hope, to smile. I want to surge positive energy in your body, confirm that you too can be yourself.” He says he has been affirmed by strangers telling him that they were glad he was alive, and he believes that he was put on the earth “to be a bodhisattva, to just glow, emanate love, respect, peace, pizzazz”.

capito che bullo? 🙂

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  1. fishlady

    17/05/2010 alle 3:44 PM

    ahahah he’s a funny man!


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