1957: The original M12 Fred Perry shirt was the first sports shirt to carry collar tipping. West Ham fans first approached the famous retailer Lilywhites, of London, to ask if their club colours could be added to the classic Fred Perry shirt. Lilywhites enquired with Fred Perry and the tipping was duly added. It was the birth of the original Fred Perry tipped shirt.

1957: from the grass lawns of Wimbledon to the urban streets of central London; a new fashion breed is emerging from the bars and clubs of West End London. They want to mix up neat sharp with relaxed casual. The stay crisp Fred Perry shirt with jeans and rubber soled plimsolls. The first British fashion sports shoe is born.

1959: The fledgling British Mod movement members were quick to pick up on the shirt’s suitability for nocturnal activities. It was stylish, top button fastened under an SB3 or mohair suit, and durable enough to wear all night and still look good in the morning. It became the first crossover brand from sports wear to street wear. And began one of the most enduring relationships between fashion and music.

1963: Northern Soul Nights kicked off in Northern Industrial Britain. Centred around the legendary clubs; The Twisted Wheel, The Torch and the Wigan Casino. Largely ignored by the Southern based media, but passed on word of mouth. Soon thousands of kids were travelling hundreds of miles to attend the legendary ‘all nighters’. The shirt of choice was the emblematic Fred Perry Black/Yellow/Yellow.

1976: Punk and New Wave exploded out of the 100 Club, Oxford St, London via the first ever Punk Festival. The Fred Perry shirt was adopted by the nascent scene and soon become a staple part of the Punk/New Wave look. Black, Champagne/Champagne has become the predominant colour choice for Perry wearing musicians ever since.

1979: The Perry Boys were a unique underground fashion subculture. Emanating from inner city Manchester and Salford to become trendsetters on the terraces and nightclubs of the City. Rebelling against everything around them. Wedge hair cuts, Fred Perry’s and northern confidence became the new order of the day. Spawning the Casual and Rave scenes that followed.

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