“I wonder if 2015 will go down in history as contemporary fashion’s annus horribilis – or if it’s merely a portent of things to come? Although something’s wrong in high fashion right now, it’s been bubbling under the surface for years and began to break through earlier this decade. Designers are unhappy, retailers are fidgety and uncertain about the clothes they’re buying, international markets are volatile, and brands’ profits and losses fluctuate alarmingly.

What’s the remedy? I’m not sure I know. Certainly it’s not making yet more clothes for an already saturated market; probably not making them faster, although maybe that will combat a new-fangled marketing notion of “consumer fatigue”.

But what about designer fatigue? Or maybe fashion fatigue – of clothes in stores, images on screens, magazines, everything? Maybe we’re all – designers, customers, journalists – just tired of so much stuff being relentlessly rammed down our throats? And perhaps we all need breathing space, before the whole damn industry comes apart at the seams, like a badly-made, quickly-sold handbag”

Alexander Fury, da questo articolo su The Independent

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