I’m sure you’ve all seen “Parent Trap” from 1998 with Lindsay Lohan, but what about the original movie from 1961?

the parent trap both versions amazon photos

the parent trap both versions amazon photos


Hayley Mills, left, as Susan Evers (with the guitar) and Hayley Mills, right, as Sharon McKendrick (in the dress) in THE PARENT TRAP.

partent-trap pt3 TPTlookalikes tumblr_l7mh1qDMcx1qbmt20

I’ve seen it many times, it’s lovely! It’s from Disney, it was nominated for two Academy Awards, and the main actress, Hayley Mills  (do you remind her Pollyanna interpretation?), plays the role of the two twins.

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  1. Jason

    07/09/2019 alle 4:17 PM

    The 1998 version’s better.


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