The accompanying music video for “Pagan Poetry” was directed by Nick Knight, who had previously photographed the cover image for her third studio album Homogenic (1997). The video had three stages of shooting: a video shoot of piercings, a private video shoot handled by Björk, and a film shoot of Björk. The video was banned by MTV in the United States, but was eventually shown in unedited form on MTV2 in a presentation of the “20 Most Controversial Music Videos

The accompanying music video for “Cocoon” was directed by Eiko Ishioka and was shot in New York City. It premiered at Raindance Film Festival in October 2001. It depicts Björk as a geisha whose makeup extends over her entire bleached nude body. The video was considered inappropriate and was banned from prime-time MTV following her music video for “Pagan Poetry”

The song’s music video was the product of another collaboration between Björk and Michel Gondry. It features Björk driving an enormous vehicle through a city, and includes Björk fighting with a gorilla for re-obtaining a diamond, and putting a bomb in a museum to free a boy. The video was often shown truncated on MTV, cut off before the bomb goes off. There exists some version of the music video which censored the explosion of the bomb, and some showing “To Be Continued” at the end.

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