I do not know about you but I spent most of my teenage years in front of MTV. I remember that in my house the channel wasn’t working and after years of complains my father finally called a technician who came and installed it. I was SO happy. Before that period I was watching MTV at my grandparents’ house and I remember that some videos got me really confused. Is that baby in the Massive Attack video a real one? Is Marylin Manson a man or a woman? Oh my gosh Aphex Twins, quick let’s change channel. Dont’ forget that in 1994 I was in elementary school, maybe not exactly ready to watch a Chris Cunningham video.

So here is the list of the most disturbing music videos, put together by the 6 years old me 🙂

Nirvana – Heart Shaped box (1993)

Soundgarden – Black hole sun (1994)

Marylin Manson – The Beautiful people (1996)

Aphex Twins – Come to daddy (1997)

Forse il video più terrificante di sempre, con mostri, vecchiette e trasformazioni

Massive Attack – Teardrop (1998)

Non so come abbiano fatto a girare questo video ma SEMBRA VERO

Bjork  – Hidden place (2001)

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