Every time I watch the old Jerome Jarre Vine’s videos I laugh so hard I cry. This never happens to me but with these videos I literally have to take out my handkerchief and I laugh so hard I have hiccups. They are so stupid but so funny, I can’t help myself.

I know it’s nothing special but I’ts so fun. The faces he makes (I love Andrew’s Youtube channel, specially the “Talking with stangers” series)

One of my all times favorite, by comedian  Liam Kyle Sullivan. Totally nonsense.

I was at work and I had to go to the bathroom because I was laughing so hard.

I didn’t find other people obsessed with “Candidly Nicole” as I am. I just love her, her irony is so subtle.

No come on, this is genuinely funny

What can I tell you, I am easy to entertain.

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